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 Members of Mt Adams District Collaborative prior to forming the South Gifford Pinchot Collaborative
 with Lewis River Collaborative, November 2011. 


The South Gifford Pinchot Collaborative (SGPC) was formed in December 2011, by combining the former Mt. Adams District Collaborative (MADC) and the Lewis River Collaborative (LRC).  Members of both collaborative groups agreed it would be more effective to become one group for efficiency sake. There had been redundancy of effort as many collaborative members and FS personnel had been attending meetings for both collaborative groups. With only one Forest Service NEPA planning team on the south end of the Gifford Pinchot, it limits the number of projects in process and therefore the need for collaborative involvement.

The Lewis River Collaborative and Mt Adams District collaborative were both formed in the fall of 2008 by Skamania County Commissioners who realized that collaborative groups were effective tools for working with the Forest Service. Skamania County is 80% National Forest so it was logical to assist the Forest Service in establishing collaborative groups. .  Commissioners had been asked by various community members and Forest Service staff to organize collaborative groups as they are a requirement for developing Stewardship Sales, a relatively new form of timber sale contract that includes more community involvement.

SGPC works with the Forest Service on projects on their 10 Year Action plan and forest restoration projects. We advise during the NEPA process and/ or are pro-active in moving projects forward by receiving grant funding to work on areas ahead of the Forest Service schedule. Our involvement assists the Forest Service and increases capacity in the number of Stewardship Sales that are offered to the public.  Stewardship Sales generate retained receipts which can be used forest wide for restoration projects such as meadow and fish habitat improvement, road improvement or decommissioning, and countering invasive species.

In effect, SGPC is an informed public that helps the FS develop projects. As an organization with diverse stakeholders ranging from environmental groups to small scale operators to big timber companies to value added companies to retired forest service members, we personify a larger public. A positive aspect behind collaboration is that when agreement is reached on a project that includes harvesting timber, there are no appeals, thus saving the Forest Service time and money.

SGPC also leads in periodically coordinating joint meetings, workshops and field trips with the northern Gifford Pinchot collaborative group, the Pinchot Partners, and Gifford Pinchot employees.

Since 2011, the group has had a part time collaborative coordinator that has been funded through various grants received from the National Forest Foundation and  Secure Rural Title II funding via the South Gifford Pinchot Resource Advisory Committee (RAC).