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Ecoforestry Field Trip

       Ecological Restoration Strategies Forestry Field Trip

Dr. Jerry Franklin and Dr. Norm Johnson

June 15, 2012
Wind River Valley    
Mt. Adams Ranger District   
Gifford Pinchot National Forest


Please note that field stops are representations of stands demonstrating where ecological restoration strategies could occur, have occurred and/or compares a typically treated stand. They are not being proposed for activity.


Stop 1 – Dry Creek Stewardship – previously harvested stand, 70 years old. Illustrates type of stand good for aggregated retention strategies.  Compare thinned area with unthinned.


Stop 2 – Demo Unit, 3054 Road – 40% aggregated retention, part of a large-scale experiment assessing ecosystem effects of green-tree retention in regeneration harvests. Illustrates what aggregated retention might look like and shows early seral stage example. We will walk through this area.


Stop 3 – 3054 Road (optional) –Regeneration harvest unit with aggregated retention harvested 12-15 years ago.


Stop 4 – 3054 Road (optional) – Stand illustrating 40% retention in dispersed trees.


Stop 5 – Wind River Highway, Railroad Logging remnants – 80+ year old stand.  Illustrates the upper end of age group being considered for treatment.